Friday, March 4, 2011

Pokepuns. See what I did there

Now as you know I'm not one to just regurgitate memes (I have yet to do that) but I have never seen these before and figured I'd like to share them with my viewers. They are awesome!
Fitting pokemon for this topic

Fitting again MIRITE?

Alright not so fitting

The first intellectual pun, not about sex or drugs!

And promptly back to sex. Kinda. Whores love sex.

This one's impressive, and apparently Fil-m is no a hyphenated word.

Sorry for the tiny size. This one is also tough to figure out I though haha.

So did you get them all? Most of them were pretty easy. And if you didn't figure it out, just read the phrases and insert the pokemon name for the picture, pretty simple concept. I love it however, and want more. Enjoy your weekend everyone, see you Monday! Email me some random pics!


  1. The third was the only one I didn't get. I love these sorts of things. The first I saw was "I'm not gonna Raichu a love song."

    Also, the first one reads "Getting raped will Haunting her for the rest of her life."

  2. hahaha those are hilarious

  3. i don't know pokemon names, i got a couple of em though. :)

  4. lol took me a while but funny

  5. I got a couple but I forget all the names!

  6. Dont know much about pokemons so didnt get a few of them

  7. I noticed those sentences!! ;)

  8. you totally have my support!

  9. lol. It's easier if you say them out loud and fast :)