Monday, March 14, 2011

This is exactly what my grandson wanted for Christmas right?

Alright, back to work! I hope missing a week didn't upset my followers too much. I assure you I am back in it permanently, just can't mix business with pleasure. If you couldn't figure it out by the title, here's a group of interesting images, all hilarious knock offs.

Do people really not notice?

This rips of A Bug's Life as well

Whether it's a knockoff for for humor, I want one

This one sickens me, kids were denied the pleasure of this movie cause of some greedy bastard

adibas is next...

Stay tuned for more pictures with a theme every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! And email me some pictures you've come across that you feel worthy of a post to


  1. Maybe I'm overreacting, but these all really kind of creep me out and bother me...

  2. Nike has the swoosh. For Nkie, is it the 'kathump?'

    Great posts. I loved Derp McQueen....

  3. lol the south butt/north face. well played, jackers well played.

  4. Hahah it's true, but a lot of these are foreign knockoffs so the people might not realize the spelling is off, not being of native english?

  5. gotta say, i may have to buy What's Up for my cousins XD


  6. hhahah got to love the bootlegs

  7. lol I want a south butt one too!

  8. that there is an interesting combination of things