Monday, February 28, 2011

Creepy time

Here are some pictures I've found along my journey to be creepy. As always, feel free to email me some content at

This is a sweet picture regardless of the creepiness!

Yup that's creepy =/

I wonder what this would look like in color...

This kinda looks like it is from a movie? Viewers?

I see what they're going for, but I find this a meek attempt.

P.S. I got a few comments about how people had seen the 5 dollar bill photo before. I apologize as I was unaware, that just means one of my viewers just emailed me a pic rather then sending one of his or her phone, or that user was indeed the creator of said content. Either way I will try harder next time to ensure only original content. Til Wednesday ~RAC


  1. i thought #5 was kinda clever

  2. First one reminds me of It. I would love to know that is Tim Curry on the other side.

  3. Cool pics...very scary

  4. those are cool!

    try TinEye search, it will help see if it exists anywhere else!

  5. I find number three to be creepiest, but it's in a good and interesting way.

    And I think that black and white adds a creep factor, so if it was in color, it wouldn't be as good.

    Good stuff!

  6. It was indeed a picture from my phone. But it was a picture of me taking a picture on a comp screen. My neighbor heard me laughing and texted me to see what was up, so I took a pic of that to show him. It was legit!!

  7. i've seen that last one before, it's a good one. i like creepy pics.