Friday, February 25, 2011

I get by with a little help from my viewers

Alright, I wish I got more participation but I was only sent four photos. Hopefully seeing this post will spark some enthusiasm for the next time I try to do this. Enjoy!


Certainly a WTF pic haha

Alright, this was your mom's reaction when you told her that it was indeed her job to do your laundry even though you were past 18.


Easy, you were bored in Physics 101 and happened to have a 5 dollar bill on you.

What company is this?

You snuck into a luncheon at the White House?

I can't stop laughing

No matter how many times I look at this it is always just as funny. Such grammar and posterity. Jack Wilson, I nominate you for president of everything. You are my hero. Clearly a troll account, but a damn funny one. <3

I hope everyone enjoyed so 100% certified original content. Thanks goes out to the users who were kind enough to send me in their picture. Special thanks for the owner of who helped me a lot with this post. And finally, I really enjoyed seeing some never before seen photos, and posting comments about them. I hope to do it again once I gain more support from you the viewers. Please keep checking back for more photo posts. See everyone Monday!


  1. Win! MyOwnPriateIdaho linked me here and when I saw you wanted fun photos I had to send in #4. I pretty much had the wtf reaction when I saw that in person so it's perfect. As for #1. That is pure genius. That guy is my new hero. :p

    P.s. LOVE the Beatles reference title. Especially considering it's George Harrison's birthday. RIP!

  2. will find something to upload. ive seen that 5 dollar bill (y'all) before

  3. lol'd at the boom headshot! glad I'm following you.

  4. I didn't win the gold, but silver/bronze works just as well. :D

    Still an awesome concept! I'm surprised more people didn't participate...

  5. love the $5 photo...class

  6. This was an excellent idea. I love the first one, about the mom freaking out. I can definitely see that happening.

  7. hahaha the dollar pic is awesome

  8. i've seen the headshot pic before. good stuff though.

  9. jack wilson is my brohan.

  10. If I had any cash, I'd vandalize all of it like that.