Friday, February 18, 2011

What has been seen cannot be unseen!

Friday time, before you loyal RACers get hammered and think everything's funny (or maybe you should wait) let me ruin some things for you. Love Rose and Crayons!

You sick bastard!
Seriously, diglett has been ruined. Alls I see when I stare upon his innocent face is a mouth gaping red-necked baby :(

You...enlightening bastard?
Alright, not as life ruining as the previous, but still, I hate how I now notice this every time I see the logo.

Seriously Microsoft? There's no way this was unintentional

 and the man responsible for this deserves a high five.

More like can't unthink!

I'm actually kinda sorry about this one :P

Well I hope no one is in a drunken rage over these, and you don't hate me. I wish I had more of these so if anyone does send an email to with the subject cannot be unseen. I'll be happy to another life ruining segment in the future! Make sure you stick around this weekend, sometime Sunday I will be making an announcement about a user submitted entry. It should be very entertaining. Til then RACers <333 PS did you notice my red white and blue theme for this entry. I'm patriotic as fuck.


  1. You ruined Diglet for me :[

  2. Fuck you man.

    You ruined diglett for me.


  4. Cheers for the last one....

  5. DIGLET!!!!!

    and I never knew about the Zune one. XD