Monday, February 21, 2011

Preparation and some signage!

Alright, in preparation for Friday's post (see "Coming Soon" wall to your left), I am again imploring visitors of this blog to open up their phones and forward a random picture on it to Keep it PG-13 though, I am a lady ;). I will compile all the best ones into a list similar to my other posts and try to write a brief caption explaining each picture. The more random the better! Here's a few signs to keep you entertained as you flip through hundreds of pics on your cells. Enjoy!

This is a good idea. People hate dishes but love puppies!


I don't know if this is shopped or not, regardless, well done sir.


Passive aggressive-ness FTW!!!

I juggle and this made me laugh so I had to share it.

People at Berkeley are dicks...or laid back? Poor girl...

I hope you enjoyed the signage post. If you have a funny sign send it to me, you should know how by now. And also, SEND IN THOSE PICTURES. I want a decent post this Friday, let's see what you guys got! It'll take only a minute and can be done right from your phone, just put in the address field on your phone. See you folks Wednesday! <3


  1. thats awesome the last ones the best.

  2. number 1 is weird im not sure what that message is trying to tell me.

  3. berkeley girls are always giving up backstage passes.

  4. Awesome signs :) The camera on my phone sucks so I don't have any pics on there to send you :(

  5. [Insert generic comment here]!

  6. @Zahk
    Really? I didn't get a new one from you? Are you sure the email address was right?

  7. i need to pin one of those up on my kitchen sink.

  8. hahaha. Post some more of them!

  9. funny shit dude! followeed. also if you like pictures of silly moustaches check my blog out brah

  10. haha good signs, i like the last one.

  11. I'll keep my eyes open for some cool signs

  12. I love the last picture. Saved.