Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Faces, faces everywhere!

Here's a few pictures I found entertaining. Most importantly the first one for those of you familiar with the "Forever Alone" meme. Unfortunately the pics have not been pouring in for Friday's post :( I need your help guys, I really wanna see how this social experiment turns out. Email me a pic off your phone to

This is true..
I shit you not folks, pull out a dollar bill or head over to wikipedia for a high res scan. It's there...Brilliant

Not really a face
I just had to include this one cause it goes well with number 6 haha

My reaction to number 5 is shared by this plane.

I don't know why you did this..but thankyou sir.

Now that's a classy outlet ;)

I wish I possessed this skill.

I would never eat an apple the same way again!

How in the world...

This is either impressive photoshop, or the coolest thing ever. You decide.

Entertained? Amazed? See you guys Friday! If I don't get enough support then there will be no special Friday post, so tell your friends and send me some pics! ~RAC


  1. Cool pics :) I wish I had a camera to help out for friday. I'll be buying one soon so I'll help out next time :)

  2. is that real? going to the bank to change some money to find out lol

  3. i dont have any good pics on my phone yet, i just got this phone, but i'll see if i can get one by friday.

  4. funny pics.

    Oh, and if my blog is so boring, then DON'T VISIT IT! Fuckin' skank.

  5. Problem, cookie?

    Awesome post.

  6. Bricks be shat!!!!!

  7. haha funny picture. last one seems yummy

  8. the cookie one is my favorite

  9. nice, that looks almost like Sharpie on that cookie